Boyfrndz – Breeder 12″

Boyfrndz - Breeder 12"

- 10 Test Presses - 100 Clear - 150 Coke Bottle - 350 Black


Austin, TX experimental psych rockers BOYFRNDZ return with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Breeder.  Recorded by Erik Wofford (Maserati, The Black Angels, White Denim), Breeder sees the group further expanding their meticulously constructed hypnotic sound into new realms of colorful, energetic and emotional territories.  Impossible to pin a label to, BOYFRNDZ seamlessly merge hook-laden, reverb soaked vocals with swirling guitar melodies and complex rhythms.  Pressing is limited to 600 copies and comes with a lyric insert and digital download of the full album.

Cover Art: Babies At Paradise Pond © 1996 Sandy Skoglund



Boyfrndz – Breeder 12″