HARKONEN – ‘Shake Harder Boy’ Sees Limited Edition Release!

Brutal Panda Records released HARKONEN’s seminal rock and roll / hard-core masterpiece, ‘Shake Harder Boy’, on vinyl this September. This criminally underrated album, originally released on Hydra Head Records and recorded in 2002 by Matt Bayles (MASTODON, BOTCH), is getting the vinyl treatment for the first time ever. Vinyl mastering was done at world-renowned MasterDisk studios to give the LP the finest possible sound. The release is very limited, with only 300 copies being pressed on ocean blue and clear wax. The record is available now at this location.

Harkonen – ‘Shake Harder Boy’

Side A
A1.”Smile Pretty”
A2.”Baristas Get Stalked”
A3.”Bargains Only”
A5.”We’ve Come for Your Daughters”
A6.”Easy Prey”

Side B
B1.”All This Time I Thought Your Name Was Cool Dude”
B2.”The Burly Spur”
B3.”Your Name is Shit”
B4.”Introducing the Creeker Sneaker”
B5.”Settle Here”