In the winter of 2009, four musicians who had played in the same circles for many years decided to make a record. The combination of their eclectic influences, writing styles, and tastes, came together to produce a sound that moves and motivates them to explore new territory within their collected creative consciousness. The band works to create music that expresses the range of the human condition and experience by combining crushing, down-tuned riff assaults with intricate vocal and guitar melodies, and stunning leads. The music seems to play the band as they surrender to its will. Their sound spans many genres, while they intend to break themselves with their mix of progressive guitar work, doom, and all out metal energy.

Norska released their self-titled EP in the winter of 2011 to much acclaim. The band has been seen playing the stages of the Pacific Northwest, and has managed to reach out world-wide through word of mouth, the online community, and self-directed promotion.

The band’s members have deep roots in many musical traditions. The Rieseberg brothers, Dustin (lead guitar) and Aaron (bass), have written and performed music together since they were able to pick up their instruments. Their collaboration and chemistry anchors the band. Jason Oswald (drums) is an accomplished life-long vocalist and guitarist (playing guitar for the band in an early line-up), who’s decision to try his hand at the playing drums a few years ago has proved to be a driving force for the band. Jim Lowder (vocals, rhythm guitar) has grown to develop an up-front voice that laces the band’s melodies and punch together, while maintaining that his vocals are simply the fifth instrument.

Norska will be releasing their debut EP on vinyl via Brutal Panda Records, touring the US with YOB, and continuing to push themselves and their music to evolve in 2012.

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Norska - Norska 12"

BPR - 16 Limited to 500 (SOLD OUT): -200 Olive / Forest green split -300 black


Portland, OR doom / sludge titans NORSKA (featuring members of YOB) have unleashed their debut release  via Brutal Panda Records.  The 5 song, 40 minute eponymous debut was recorded by Adam Bradley Pike (BLACK ELK, RED FANG) at Toadhouse Studios in the band’s hometown.  Mixing heavy, meditative riffs and a thundering rhythm section with psychedelic flourishes, NORSKA prove they are true masters of their craft. This vinyl release is limited to 500 copies, 200 in Oil (Olive & Forest green split), and 300 in black.

Sold Out!