Hailing from Chapel Hill, NC Horseback’s young but varied catalog has been remarkable in its ability to capture distinctly different subgenres of heavy music with impressive virtuosity: drone, doom, black-metal, psychedelia, post-rock, noise etc etc.   The band has developed a cult-like following amidst their consistently diverse output of genre defying music.

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Horseback - On The Eclipse 7"

BPR - 14 Limited to 500: -150 Black Shadow -350 White Mist - 10 Test Pressings


This limited edition 7″ features two brand new tracks of dark, ethereal beauty from mastermind Jenks Miller.  The first song, ‘On the Eclipse,’ mixes Krautrock with acoustic pop while ‘Broken Orb’ epitomizes the droney ambience that HORSEBACK orchestrate so well. Renowned artist Justin Bartlett contributed the album’s stunning artwork, which captures the eerie atmospherics of the songs. This one-time pressing, strictly limited to 500 copies.  Additionally, 10 super limited test press packages are available while supplies last and also include a White Mist edition of the vinyl.