Fight Amp

Hailing from New Jersey, FIGHT AMP channels a sound and presence that harkens the days of old and is reminiscent of the AMREP / dirty dingy side of extreme music. FIGHT AMP (previously known as Fight Amputation) have spent nearly five and a half years toiling over their sound, traveling the country, self-releasing records, self booking their own massive tours, sweating in basements and sleeping in vans crafting whatis best described as a more punk-influenced Unsane or Jesus Lizard.   FIGHT AMP offers up healthy portions of distorted bass lines, abrasive guitars and pummeling drumming, an excellent example of a noise-rock-meets-punk-meets-hardcore crossover”
Fight Amp

Black Tusk / Fight Amp - Split 7"

1st Pressing: -300 Clear (SOLD OUT) -200 Black (SOLD OUT) 2nd Pressing: -100 Pink (SUBSCRIPTION) -300 Blue -300 Purple


Repress of the long sought after Black Tusk / Fight Amp split featuring artwork from Baroness frontman John Baizley.   The repress also acts as the 1st release in our split 7″ series

Fight Amp - Manners And Praise 12"

BPR-05 Limited to 500 white copies.


Brutal Panda Records have teamed up with Red Sun Industries to release NJ noise-rockers FIGHT AMP’s second full-length, ‘Manners & Praise’, on limited pearl-necklace white vinyl this winter.

‘Manners & Praise’ features 13  tracks recorded at The Jam Room with Philip Cope (Kylesa, Baroness). Vinyl mastering took place at Prairie Cat Mastering for optimal sound quality, and each record comes packaged with an 11″x16″ poster insert. The press will be strictly limited to 500 copies, and is available for pre-order at this location.

“…the chemically-enhanced New Jersey noiseniks have hit the nail squarely on the head with the more focused and rocking components comprising this record.” 8 out of 10 Decibel Magazine


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Fight Amp - Hungry For Nothing 12"

BPR-01 Limited to 500 copies: - 100 Blue -100 Red - 300 Black

$0.00 — $11.99

The mighty Hungry For Nothing, by New Jersey’s own Fight Amp is the very first release from Brutal Panda! Under exclusive license from Translation Loss and in association with Big Sleep, Brutal Panda Records are extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to put this critically-acclaimed album out on wax. The album has been limited to 500 copies, with the majority pressed on heavyweight 180gram vinyl, offering the full bodied sound it deserves. A limited run have pressed on colored vinyl: 100 blue and 100 red (red can only be found on tour with the band!)

What folks have said about FIGHT AMP’s “Hungry For Nothing”:

‘Fight Amp stand out with metallic atmosphere’ – 7.8/10 Pitchfork

‘Fight Amp offers up healthy portions of distorted bass lines, abrasive guitars and pummeling drumming, making Hungry for Nothing…one of the first great records of 2008.’ – 8/10

‘Fast, furious, and noisy! This band is flying the tattered noise rock flag high and doing it right!!’ – 8/10 Decibel

‘This impressive and dangerously out of control debut rumbles ahead like the monster train on the cover of Orgasmatron’ – 4/5 Revolver

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Kowloon Walled City / Ladder Devils / Fight Amp – Lose Lose Lose 12"

BPR - 07 Limited to 350: -300 Clear -50 gold

$0.00 — $15.99

Lose/Lose/Lose, is a three-way split 12″ featuring noise rock powerhouses, Kowloon Walled City, Fight Amp, and Ladder Devils. The split features the first ever recorded tracks from Philadelphia’s Ladder Devils, the new band featuring members of The Minor Times.

The pressing is strictly limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl and is packaged with a special silk screened poly bag plus a fold-under insert.

Sold Out!